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  • Pool broom, brushes, vacuum heads, hoses, telescopic poles
  • Automatic and robotic pool cleaners
  • Testing equipment
  • Skimmer baskets, weir doors, lids
  • Pump baskets, lids, o rings
  • Pool liners
  • Pool toys, noodles, etc
  • Pool Ladders
  • Floating dispensers and tablet feeders
  • Spa steps
  • Spa pillows, seats
  • Thermometres
Pool Supplies Shop Wanganui


  • Filtermaster range of pumps and filters
  • Repairs and spare parts on all brands of pumps and filters
  • Salt water chlorinators
  • Automatic dosing systems
  • Heating – Heat pumps, solar, gas
  • Covers and rollers – including automatic covers
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Hot water heat pumps
Pool Equipment Wanganui


  • All swimming pool chemicals – Full Range
  • All spa pool chemicals – Full Range
  • Water Tank treatment
Pool Chemi